Cologne Academy offers the following athletics (these teams compete with other schools)

* Grade 5-8 Girls Volleyball

* Grade 4-8 Girls Basketball

* Grade 3-8 Girls Cross Country

* Grade 4-8 Boys Basketball

* Grade 3-8 Boys Cross-Country

If a student wishes to participate in an activity/sport not listed above, Cologne Academy has an agreement with both Waconia (District 110) and Belle Plaine (District 716) to participate in any activity that is solely a middle school activity/athletic team.  We will pursue other options for students residing in other districts as needs indicate.  As Cologne Academy’s enrollment grows in the Middle School, other options may become available.  Please contact Lynn Peterson or Tamra Kielty if needed.

Elementary Athletics/Activities:

K-6 athletics and activities are established through local Community Education programs.  Additionally, Cologne Academy offers the following activities/athletic camps for grades K-8 throughout the school year. These activities do not involve competing against other schools:


  • Grades 4-8 Running Club (Spring & Fall)
  • Grades 2-4 Volleyball camp (Spring)
  • Grades 2-4 Boys & Girls basketball camp (Spring)
  • Grades 1-4 Americanized Tae Kwon Do (Winter & Spring)
  • Grades 2-4 Dance (Spring)
  • Youth Enrichment Classes:
    • Legos Grades 1-5
    • Chess Grades K-5
    • Fall Soccer Grades K-4

2018-19 Ski Club Information


Athletic Handbook

Athletic Playing Site Addresses

Waconia (District 110) Sports Agreement

Belle Plaine (District 716) Sports Agreement