Board Member Performance Expectations

Cologne Academy Individual Board Member Performance Expectations

Cologne Academy Individual Board Member Performance Expectations

General Responsibilities:

Each board member is responsible for actively participating in the work of the Cologne Academy School Board of Education and the life of the school.  Each board member is expected to affirm and strive to fulfill the performance expectations outlined below.  These expectations are to be clearly articulated prior to the election process.  In addition to the responsibilities below, individual board members are expected to help each other fulfill the tasks outlined in the collective job description of the Board of Education.

Specific Responsibilities:

1.  Believe in and be an active advocate and ambassador for the values, mission, and vision of Cologne Academy.

2.  Work with fellow board members to fulfill the obligations of board membership.

3.  Behave in ways that clearly contribute to the effective operations of the Board of Education:

a.  Focus on the good of the organization and group, not on a personal agenda

b.  Support board decisions once they are made

c.  Participate in an honest appraisal of one’s own performance and that of the board

d.  Build awareness of and vigilance towards governance matters rather than management

4.  Regularly attend board and committee meetings in accordance with the absenteeism policy

5.  Prepare for these meetings by reviewing materials and bringing the materials to meetings.  If unable to attend, notify the board or committee chair.

6.  Be prepared to contribute approximately 15-20 hours per month toward board service which includes:

a.  Attending a monthly board meeting (3 hours)

b.  Participating on a board or school committee (4-8 hours)

c.  Reading materials, preparing for meetings (2-3 hours)

d.  Attending events at the school, assisting with fundraising and other ambassador tasks as needed (2 hours)

7.  Keep informed about the school and its issues by reviewing materials, participating in discussions, and asking strategic questions.

8.  Actively participate in one or more fundraising event(s) annually.

9.  Use personal and professional contacts and expertise for the benefit of Cologne Academy.

10.  Serve as a board or school committee chair or member.

11.  Inform the Board of Education members of Cologne Academy of any potential conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived, and abide by the decision of the board related to the situation.