Board Member Job Description

Cologne Academy School Board of Education Job Description

General Responsibilities:

Responsible for ensuring that the academic program of Cologne Academy is successful, that the school’s program and operation are faithful to the terms of its charter, and that the school is a financially viable organization.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Carry out the mission and purpose of Cologne Academy and keep it clearly in focus
a. Understand and support the mission statement.
2. Periodically review the mission statement which:
a. Serves as a guide to organizational planning, board and staff decision-making, volunteer initiatives, and setting priorities among competing demands for scarce resources.
b. Is used as the vehicle for assessing program activities to ensure that the organization is not drifting away from its original purposes.
3. Select the Executive Director
a. Reach consensus on the Executive Director’s job description.
b. Undertake a careful search process to find the most qualified individual.
c. Oversee and approve contract negotiation and renewal.
4. Support and review the performance of the Executive Director
a. Provide frequent and constructive feedback.
5. Maintain the distinction between governance and management.
a. Compliment for exceptional accomplishments.
6. Provide for an annual written performance review with a process agreed upon with the Executive Director well in advance.
7. Ensure effective organizational planning
8. Approve an annual organizational plan that includes concrete measurable goals, consistent with the charter and FOE contractual obligations.
9. Ensure adequate resources
a. Research and develop innovative ways of increasing revenue.
b. Assist in carrying out the development plan.
c. Make a contribution at a level that is personally meaningful.
10. Involvement in policy that has anything to do with charter school funding
11. Manage resources effectively
a. Approve the annual budget and ensure an increase in the fund balance
b. Monitor budget implementation through monthly financial reports.
c. Approve accounting and personnel policies.
d. Provide for an independent annual audit by a qualified CPA.
12. Ensure the full board has the proper training to be effective stewards of public funding.
13. Ensure adequate insurance is in force to cover students, staff, visitors, the board and the assets of the school.
14. Determine, monitor and strengthen the programs and services
a. Assure programs and services are consistent with the mission and the charter.
b. Approve measurable organizational outcomes.
c. Approve annual, attainable board and administrative level goals.
d. Monitor progress in achieving the outcomes and goals.
e. Assess the quality of the program and services.
15. Enhance Cologne Academy’s public standing
a. Serve as ambassadors, advocates and community representatives of the school.
16. Ensure that no board member represents her/himself as speaking on behalf of the board unless specifically authorized to do so.
17. Provide for a written annual report and public presentation that details Cologne Academy’s mission, programs, financial condition, and progress made towards charter promises.
a. Oversight and strategic planning of public relations activities.
18. Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability
a. Establish policies to guide the school’s board members and staff.
19. Develop and maintain adequate personnel policies and procedures (including grievance mechanisms).
a. Adhere to the provisions of the school’s bylaws and articles of incorporation.
b. Adhere to local, state and federal laws and regulations that apply to the school.
20. Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance
a. Define board membership needs in terms of skill, experience and diversity.
b. Cultivate, check the credentials of and recruit prospective nominees.
c. Provide for new board member orientation.
d.  Conduct an annual evaluation of the full board and individual board members.