Monday, April 27th, 2015


Cologne Academy is a K-8 grade school.

As with all K-6 elementary schools, your K-6 athletic sports programs/activities are established through your Community Education program (i.e. Waconia Community Ed, Chaska Community Ed, or NYA/Central Community Ed).  Individual elementary schools do not have their own athletic teams.  However, in past seasons,  parents have formed groups of Cologne Academy students to create their own roster of children to participate in a community education programs  For example, this year a group of 4th /5th  grade girls formed a volleyball team and created their own practice schedule and played with community ed teams from Waconia, NYA, GSL, etc.

For 7th and 8th graders residing in District 110, Cologne Academy has created an agreement with Waconia for participation in their athletics and activities.  Cologne Academy students may participate in any activity that is solely a middle school activity/athletic team in Waconia.  We will pursue other options for students residing in other districts as needs indicate.  As Cologne Academy grows enrollment in the Middle School, other options may become available. Please contact the main office for more information.

Athletic Program Handbook

Waconia (District 110) Sports Agreement

Belle Plaine (District 716) Sports Agreement


March-April Sports Camps

March and April are filled with activities for Cologne Academy students!! Opportunities are offered through Cologne Academy and the Youth Enrichment League.

Mar-pril Madness Sports Flyer (2)– All sessions held at Cologne Community Center.

 TO REGISTER FOR THESE SPORTS CAMPS: click HERE and send with student to school.

Girls Soccer Grades: 2-3-4

Girls Basketball Grades: 2-3-4

Girls Volleyball Grades: 2-3-4

Girls Volleyball Grades: 5-6-7-8

Boys Basketball Grades: 2-3

Boys Soccer Grades: 2-3-4

Boys Volleyball Grades: 4-5-6


Youth Enrichment Spring Flyer

Click HERE for information and to register for:

Chess: Grades K-4

Soccer: Grades K-4

Legos: Grades K-4