Nicole Pierce, School Counselor

Counseling Services

Hello Families!

My name is Nicole Pierce and I am the School Counselor here at Cologne Academy. Below is a general description of what a counselor does.   I am here to support the students and be a part of the educational team.   I look forward to developing and enriching the counseling program here at CA. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions that you may have.

School counselors assist and help students in many areas of their lives.  They are proactive in nature and provide resources and counseling to students in areas of personal/social, academic, and career domains.  Counselors adhere to standards of the American School Counselors Association and implement them in order for students to achieve success.

Counselors are here to service both mainstream and special education students, and work closely with both teams of teachers in order to provide the best interventions and practices for student achievement.

What do School Counselors do?

Individual Counseling:
Counselors meet with students one and one to help with specific issues.  Teachers and parents may refer students to the counselor based on things they are seeing in the classroom or at home.  Students may also elect to drop in to see the counselor when needed.  Example of what the counselor can meet with students’ one on one about: anxiety, home issues, anger management, friendship problems, bullying, and anything that is important for the student to talk about.

Small Group Counseling:  Counselors form groups in order to service more students and work with those who may be experiencing similar issues.  Groups can be very powerful and beneficial, peer to peer learning is huge and can make a difference. Counselors do careful planning when forming groups and make sure that they are well planned and structured. Examples of small group counseling: divorce, deployment, organizational skills, social skills, and friendship groups.

Note: Parents will always be notified if their student is participating in a group.

Classroom Guidance Lessons:  Counselors are active in the classroom presenting lesson on personal/social and career materials.
Classroom time is a great way of reaching classes together and creating unity.  Counselors may be asked by teachers to present lessons or have school wide initiatives that they introduce to the students. Here at Cologne Academy we focus on character development and I will be involved in teaching students core virtues through fun and interactive ways.

Check in’s:  School Counselors are here to service the whole student body, sometimes students don’t always need daily or weekly visits but rather a quick check in to make sure things are going okay. Check in’s are an effective way of allowing students to know my role and build rapport with them if they need to talk.

Need Resources? I can either email you specific ones or you can take a look at what I have. I will also post resources to my portal and change them monthly in order to provide a variety.